Artificial Plants For Interior Decor

Artificial Silk Flowers and Plants

Plants can transform the look and feel of any interior space, whether it is the home or the office. Artificial silk plants are an easy and inexpensive way to add lots of color to any home décor. Artificial silk plants, unlike real plants, will never wilt, droop, dry-out, or rot, and best of all—they will last forever without ever needing a single drop of water.

Beautiful, natural looking artificial silk plants can be found at any home or craft store, as well as online. They come in many varieties and can be stored between seasons, year after year. In recent years, the use of artificial silk plants such as silk flowers and silk trees has grown in popularity with the improvement of more realistic and natural looking designs. The following sections offer useful tips and advice on using silk plants in interior design.

Types of Artificial Flowers for Interior Décor

In nature, plants come in endless varieties, so do artificial plants. Like the natural plants they replicate, artificial plants vary in many ways: material, shape, color, texture, size.

Artificial plants can be made from materials such as polyester, paper, nylon, plastic, glass, and even clay. Artificial plants have also been made from soap and are fragrant like real flowers. For the sake of this article, the focus will be on silk plants, particularly silk flowers. The benefits of choosing silk flowers over other artificial flowers will be discussed in the following section.

Artificial silk plants can be made to replicate both flowers and other plants, such as trees. There is a vast selection of both silk flowers and silk trees to choose from.

Silk flowers come in a wide array of shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. Silk flowers often replicate popular household plants like carnations, lilies, daffodils, dahlias, sunflowers, and roses; more exotic varieties of silk flowers are also available, such as orchids, wisteria, and blossom branches. Spring or tropical silk flowers can be used to brighten any interior space on a dank winter day.

Silk plants are also very attractive inside the home. Silk plants like cactus, ferns, hasta, and grass look lovely in a pot placed either on the floor or on a table. Ivy made from silk creates a gorgeous effect trailing down the side of a bookcase. Artificial silk trees are also very popular indoors as potted trees do not do well indoors, especially in the winter. Silk trees are a great way to bring nature indoors with replicas of bamboo trees, Japanese maples, and small topiaries. Silk trees have grown in popularity over the last few years and are becoming a staple in interior design.

Advantages of Artificial Silk Flowers vs. other Kinds of Artificial Flowers

The advantages of silk flowers vs. real flowers are obvious; Silk flowers do not require a lot of maintenance like water or soil and they can also be used in spaces where a real plant would struggle, like a low-lit space. Silk plants are safer around kids and pets; some real plants can be poisonous if consumed. Probably the greatest advantage of silk plants is they do not ever die.

Compared with other kinds of artificial flowers, silk flowers still come out ahead.

As mentioned before, artificial flowers can be made from many materials such as polyester, paper, glass, plastic, and even clay, almost any material really.

Flowers made from glass are very stylized and contemporary, not natural looking. Glass flowers can be very stunning but they are much more expensive than typical artificial flowers. Flowers made from soap are also very stylized as well as expensive, though they do have a pleasing aroma. Nylon flowers are inexpensive to make and were popular in the ‘70s, but from a designer’s perspective are very dated.

Plastic flowers can be bright in color but their texture is stiff and unnatural.

Since the ‘70s, polyester flowers have been the most popular kind of artificial flower in America as well as Japan and China; however, silk flowers have gained tremendous popularity due to their natural appearance and realistic texture. Silk flowers and silk trees can also be made flame retardant. Silk flowers are inexpensive and are perhaps the most realistic looking artificial plant sold in stores.

How to Choose Artificial Flowers and Plants

Choosing the right artificial flowers and plants is important when decorating the home; the following should be considered: the size of the room, the color of the plant, lighting and style.

Big or Small?

When decorating a room, space is perhaps the most important factor to consider. The goal is not to overwhelm a small space or leave a large space looking empty. The purpose of a plant is to garnish the room and bring color and natural esthetics to an otherwise cold dark space. So in a small space, consider small plants like silk flowers in delicate vases or even silk plants that hang from the walls. Potted plants on the floor will take up too much space and get in the way, so silk trees do not do well in tight spaces. On the other hand, in a large open space, a small plant or bouquet will not make a great statement. In a large open space, a silk tree or other potted silk plant on the floor will make a huge impression. Potted plants and silk trees should be placed out of the way but not tucked into a dark corner. They should be incorporated with a sitting area or other decorative fixtures. They make excellent conversation pieces.

Right Color

The second thing to consider is the color of the plant. Silk flowers come in nearly every color available. The goal is not to use every single color in the rainbow. Too much color can overwhelm the eye and conflict with other colors in the room. Silk flowers can enhance a room’s beauty if the colors match or contrast with the colors of the wall or furniture. In a dark room of earthen tones, red silk flowers will stand out nicely. In a bathroom, laundry room, or bedroom, white silk flowers add a clean and fresh feel. Bright colors symbolize energy while darker colors are more romantic. If there is confusion about what colors to pick, a color wheel can be used to reveal contrasting or complementary colors.

The Importance of Lighting

Lighting is also important to consider when decorating with silk plants. Unlike real flowers, silk flowers do not require light, but if displayed in the right light can look magnificent. Silk flowers look best in well-lit spaces. Accent lights can be used to spotlight a vase of silk flowers and delicate strands of lights can be wrapped around a silk tree for a nice effect.

Watch the Style!

Lastly, choose the silk plant that best matches the style of the room. The vase or container the plant is in should also match the room’s decor.

For a traditional room décor, topiary in a brass container looks great. Spring flowers in a plain-colored container also look wonderful in a traditional room decor.

For a more tropical decor, any variety of ficus completes the look. Tropical flowers like the iris arranged in a marble vase make any room look like a vacation get-away.

For a Tuscan feel, decorate with silk plants like olive, ivy, laurel, or weeping ficus. Dark wicker or any earthen container goes nicely in a Tuscan-style room.

Fern, ivy, and any spring variety of artificial flowers complement a Victorian style décor, and for an Asian-themed room, bamboo, Japanese maple, orchids, and lilies placed in fishbowls or wicker complete the look.

In a Mission-style room, wildflowers and thistle arranged in copper or brass containers fit perfectly.

For the office, try tropical silk trees like palms or spring flowers in faux metal or marble vases of various geometric shapes.

With the right silk plant placed in the appropriate container, the floral arrangement will look best and really compliment the interior space.

How to Keep and Clean Silk Flowers

Silk plants do not require a great deal of maintenance, unlike real plants which can be either neglected or over-watered. To extend the life of artificial plants, as well as to keep them looking fresh and new, it is necessary to dust the foliage on occasion. Special sprays can be purchased to clean silk plants as well as other types of sprays that when spritzed on the leaves create the illusion of morning dew drops.

Other tips and advice

Silk flowers and silk trees are a great way to add color to a home and create a peaceful environment. It is important to use silk flowers and silk trees that look natural and realistic. Artificial plants have come a long way and are no longer considered to be simply cheap imitations of the real deal.

To create a realistic bouquet of silk flowers, one should replicate the bouquets made from real flowers. Silk flowers should be arranged with artificial vines, sprays, and branches. This will create a natural and beautiful look.

Silk flowers and other silk plants, when properly arranged in the right vase and placed in the right place, can be the perfect accent piece in any interior space.

Wedding Bouquet with Silk Flowers

If you love the look of silk flowers, you can also choose to do the wedding bouquet with them for your wedding. It can save a lot of money and make the bouquet look so real!


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