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Seasonal Décor

Seasonal Décor for the Silk Flower Enthusiast

Silk flowers are a timeless expression of the beauty of a home and the joy of home living. When we take the time to decorate our homes, we are making a statement about our love for not only our homes, but for those who dwell within. Changing the flower arrangements to suit the moods of each season is a fun and fabulous way to usher in the changes in weather and to celebrate the holidays all year long. Maintaining your silk flowers when they are not on display is easy with a simple storage solution—just google to find a climate-controlled storage facility near you. That being said, here are some tips and tricks for decorating with silk flowers each season of the year!

The Scent—and Sight—of Autumn

Who could fail to be inspired by the glories of nature, with autumn’s glorious palette of colors on display? For a decorative touch, try carving out a few mini-pumpkin gourds and placing autumnal silk flower arrangements or tea lights inside. These bright arrangements are wonderful centerpieces for the table, or you could put them on your front steps for a lovely, bright touch to add contrast to the increasingly bleak weather outside! Or, you could try collecting some fall items, such as sticks of cinnamon, silk berry sprigs, and dried autumnal leaves, to make a fragrant and beautiful potpourri. Who doesn’t love the smell of autumn?

Winter—the Most Magical Time of Year

Don’t let a drab or dreary feeling settle down over your home, just because spring flowers are gone! Regardless of your growing zone, you can add plenty of color to your home with carefully fabricated artificial plants and flowers. Artificial Poinsettia plants, Holly, Mistletoe, and Evergreen trees or branches tied with velour, plaid, or lace ribbons can add greenery with a splash of festive color to your tabletops, stair railings, mantelpieces and doorways. Don’t forget to fasten a sprig of Mistletoe to your main doorway to secure a holiday kiss from that special someone!

Springtime—A Decorator’s Delight

Spring flowers to bring the season inside. Try picking up some pretty silk flowers that represent what you can get generally only in spring, such as Tulips, Daffodils, and Hyacinths. Arrange the flowers in vases throughout your home, or try making a wreath with which to decorate your front door. You could also simply push the stems into the soil of a potted plant for a bit of splashy color against the greenery. is the time of growth and renewal, when people begin their spring cleaning, and get that bug to change things around and redecorate. Let in some more light.

When the Livin’ is Easy

When summertime rolls around, new and fresh decorative ideas are needed to get you away from the heavier designs of winter. Try cleaning out your fireplace and using it as a display area during the summer months. Place a nice silk plant in the fireplace to give it a touch of color, or place a silk flower display in it. You may also choose to set large candles in the fireplace, carrying through on the theme of fire but with a very small amount of the heat.